Unique Custom Rolls Royce Sweptail Sold For $13 Million

custom rolls royce sweptail

What could be the most expensive car everCustom Rolls Royce Sweptail sold recently by Rolls Royce, as announced a press release from the company? A custom Rolls Royce Sweptail suit was presented to the public, a product of that of a specific and very elegant customer and reported a price of about $ 13 million dollars in the recent elegance contest Villa d’Este in Italy.

custom rolls royce sweptail

If the first estimates of the Swap til price of $ 13 million are accurate, then the car would lend itself to the most expensive car, surpassing the next in the line of about $ 10 million. The car is in response to a passionate RollsRoyce brand made by hand:

“The very idea of a modern coach custom Rolls Royce Sweptail was not enough for a Rolls Royce connoisseur, anyway.

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This guy approached the mark with his idea of a Custom Rolls Royce Sweptail for two people who wanted to be created in The car is here now and is christened “Sweptail.”

custom rolls royce sweptail

In a nod to some Rolls-Royce’s tail of the twenties, who admired both the customer asked Rolls-Royce to re-work this feature on His only car. ”

This anonymous individual is also said to be a racing yacht (figured), a love that is reflected in some aspects of the Sweptail’s visual design, such as the rounded edges of the back winding on the roof. And according to Rolls Royce, this mystery rich man deserves part of the credit for the awesome final product:

“This customer came to the Rolls Royce house with an idea, shared in the creative process he advised on his canvas, and then we adapted that fabric.You could say that we cut the fabric for the suit that will be judged by”.

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The addictive and Custom Rolls Royce Sweptail is its uninterrupted transparent glass roof that says “one of the largest and most complex ever seen in a car of any brand.” This allows a natural light flow inside the car it is best to see your interior but luxurious minimalist.

custom rolls royce sweptail

This machine is and will remain a unique piece, and very appropriately, it also has two surprises specially made to measure for the man who commissioned it.

There are two special compartments for a briefcase that has been custom designed for the owner of the laptop but are a little more compared to what lies behind the center console.

Touching a button and the console uses a bottle of “preferred customer champagne – the year of its birth” as well as two glass champagne flutes. Although at some point in the future a company develops the most expensive car, it will be a real challenge to make it as impressive as this.


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